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What Burns Hotter than Desire?

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Would you write your darkest secret on paper and send it through the mail…if everything depended on it?  What if it fell into the wrong hands?

Thomas’ fiancée disappears after discovering his affair, and turns up in Paris. Isabelle will only see him again if he puts his confession in writing. When he does, she pushes him further and further to reveal every explicit detail. 

Finally satisfied, Isabelle invites Thomas to Paris. But when he arrives, she has disappeared again, and a strange woman has moved into her apartment. Before long, she too will disappear.

What Burns Hotter than Desire? begins as an intensely voyeuristic tale between desperate, fallen lovers, that turns into an explosive sexual escapade and suspenseful mystery. The story teeters between sensual erotica and heartbreaking romance, where the lines between fantasy and reality become blurred—for both the book’s characters and readers. As the characters discover their deepest sexual desires, readers may find theirs, too.

“Unsure of what to make of the two wayward characters that open this story, I fell hard for the protagonist in Chapter 5. What Burns Hotter than Desire? is a well-crafted, layered tale of self-discovery, and a very, very naughty one at that.” — Miriam Arden, Beta Reader

About the Author

While this isn’t this author’s first rodeo, M.W. White is excited about this foray into the Romance genre, and grateful to those who blazed the trail. As a romance author, White’s style is imaginative realism, with splashes of absurdity and the occasional encounter with the paranormal. In addition to What Burns Hotter than Desire?  White is completing two novelettes and a steamy fictional memoir, all due out in 2021. 

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