Welcome to my Naughty Follies!

While I anxiously await the release of my novella (Dec. 1, ahem!), I’ll be posting stories you can read on Inkitt.

No fuss and no fee!

The thing about Inkitt is that chapters are published one (or several) at a time. Readers won’t know where my story is going, and neither will I!

And that’s pretty damn cool.

So, what exactly are the Naughty Follies?

Short stories and novelettes, mostly, that start out as romance, but from there can go…anywhere. Follies are sometimes funny and sometimes weird. Possibly creepy and always naughty. In short, these are the follies of my mind.

And you can have them for FREE. You can even chime in and shape the stories as they unfold. Yes, you.

The first few chapters of my first story, “Shady Grove,” are now live, and I’ll be adding more in the days ahead. It’s a light-hearted romantic comedy and mystery. A sexy whodunnit, you could say. Sorry youngsters…18+ years of age only, please. Here’s the blurb:

Quinn McMurphy lives in quiet suburban apartment complex that is suddenly rocked by a sexual scandal. One of Shady Grove’s residents enjoys loud, passionate sex, but doesn’t seem to care who hears. The problem for Marty, the president of the tenant association, is that no one knows who the “disruptive fornicator” is (or won’t say). Marty launches an investigation that turns residents into spies and informants, and before long nearly everyone is a suspect, including Quinn.

Full of twists and turns, “Shady Grove” is a sex-fueled comedy about the hidden desires of ordinary people. We are reminded that what titillates us the most is sometimes not what we see or touch, but what we hear.

For HEA lovers, “Shady Grove” delivers…multiple, um,…simultaneous…HEs? To get to Inkitt, push this button.