Nerd's Guide

Discussion Questions

(For your book club and holiday family gatherings)

In response to readers’ questions, I’ve put together the Booknerd’s Guide to What Burns Hotter than Desire?

  1. Did you read the prologue? Like…actually read it?
  2. What motivates Thomas to write his letters? Devotion? Guilt? Desperation? Something else?
  3. Are his letters believable?
  4. How should readers feel about (the main character  who we’ll call) the French woman? Does she deserve our sympathy? Why or why not? 
  5. There are similarities between the letters and the events that follow. Why?
  6. Are fantasy and reality easy to tell apart, in this story and in life?
  7. Is the main character’s appearance as hideous as she thinks? Does she have a monstrous heart?
  8. Why does she play with fire, figuratively speaking?
  9. Are the main characters good, bad, or somewhere in between? Are they changing, or the same as they’ve always been?
  10. Do they live happily ever after?